Thursday, December 11, 2014


As a knitter, I suffer from a disease called "startitis" also know as "cast-onitis".  It is the desire to start a new project, even though there are several languishing on the needles already.

I am still stewing on the poncho.  I bought a class yesterday about designing a custom-fit cable sweater.  I am hoping to take the information I learn there and transfer it to the design of the poncho.  I have not knit anymore on it, though.

I started a sweater with the bulky yarn that I just recently purchased.  I bought it with a very specific project in mind, but I cannot get gauge on that to save my life.  It calls for a size 11 needle, which (totally unbelievably!) I don't have, so I tried it with a 10.5.  Nope.  I was WAY off.  Then, I tried with a 13 and still wasn't coming close.  I refuse to go any higher because knitting with broomsticks tends to make my hands really sore.  So, I found a different sweater to use the yarn on.  I swatched, and had to go down three needle sizes, but that's okay.  I'm getting a nice fabric, and I'm looking forward to finishing it.  Of course, I have only done 1/3 of a sleeve. 

I also started a balaclava for my daughter.  This is also using yarn that I recently purchased.  Actually, we were at the drugstore in our little town the other day, and she said, "Oh, I like that yarn.  Could you make me one of those face mask thingies?"  Sure.  When your almost-13 year old daughter asks you to knit something, you do it.

I also have to swatch for a hat for my little guy.  I am making a beanie with frogs on it for him.  I thought about making it for Christmas, but I nixed that idea.  I kind of gave up on Christmas knitting a while ago.  I live in a house with six other people, and there is very little privacy or secrecy.  I just knit stuff that people ask me for and they appreciate it.  It's a good system.

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